Friday, November 30, 2012

Nails of the Week

This was my first nail colour this week. Purple! I got this in Penney's about 2 years ago. Glo Baby Glo. It's meant to glow under UV but I don't tend to venture near UV lights!
It needed to 2 coats to be classified as a deep purple. It doesn't look it here but it was a bit darker than Cadbury's purple.
The polish went on easy enough and wasn't messy. No doubt it was cheap enough so I can have no complaints here!

I was bored one night and when organising my nail polishes (might do a post on that!). I found my Rimmel - Flower Power. It's a very very very light shimmer pink. I decided to see what it would be like over the Glo Baby Glo purple.

It worked like I though it would. Shimmered the purple lovely. I love this look and I will be doing it again. Trying my best to experiment more with my nail polishes. Baby steps :)

This is a colour I used from my friend. It's from KIKO but seeing as they don't put the names on the bottle. Well I couldn't find it! It's a coral pink orange colour. Could have done with another coat I feel but lovely colour all the same :)