Monday, January 28, 2013

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Beauty Haul

I went on my first shopping spree in a long, long, long time where I could splurge a little. There were a few things that I had wanted for a while and other bits & pieces that I needed.

Weeeeeeeeeeeee!! I only went and did it. NAKED2 is mine, all mine. Mwahaha! I've waited long enough to get my paws on this bad boy. I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet and when I do I shall of course share my thoughts and also see if I am brave enough to post a look or two. Eeek!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Perfume Collection and A Short Guide

I love, love, love perfume!! In the last few months I have come to the end of a collection of bottles. From this collection there are some I love and I was devastated to see them empty. However there was one that took me a while to finish, so long that I think it might have gone off. Ooopsie!! One thing I noticed lately and never knew about before was the difference between Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum. I never paid any heed because I always thought they were different things saying the same thing to be honest. I was wrong! So today I'm gonna share with you a short (very short!) guide for anyone that is interested in knowing a bit more about perfumes and their concentrations. I will be talking only about Eau de Toilette (EDT) and Eau de Parfum (EDP) because I think these are the two people encounter most. Maybe I should mention cologne too. Would anyone like me to add that in?

Eau de Toilette (EDT)
The fragrance concentration is between 5-15% of aromatic compounds, with 10% being the typical concentration. This would be the concentration meant for during the day. These are more affordable than Eau de Parfums. Lasts approximately 2 hours.

Eau de Parfum (EDP)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Random Facts

First off, I want to apologise for my very infrequent posting as of late. I'm still adjusting to working life and so I'm wrecked come the evening and I am also trying to fit in a lot of stuff at the weekend. Downtime is at a minimum at the moment however once I get into the swing of things I hope to be back to regular blogging. I miss it!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Blogger Tag - Tag Your It!

I saw this post today over on Fiona's blog La Belle Dame Sans Merci and thought I better give it a go. A lot of bloggers appear to have already answered these questions so I better get cracking!

1. What is the story behind your blog name?
It was late one night years ago when I came up with it. I had intended to start blogging about 4/5 years ago but I only took the plunge last September. I was in my 2nd year of college I think and I had a bit of spare time so I thought this would be the way to spend it. Unfortunately it never took off until recently. I can't really explain the reasoning behind the name!

2. What is your favourite shade of lipstick?
At the moment it's Rimmel's Sugar Plum. I think it's perfect for this time of year.

3. Do you have any pets, if so, what?
Nope. I can't decided if I'm a dog person or not. Some days I'd love to get a Boxer and other days I just annoyed by dogs!

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?
Las Vegas. No question. I have always been drawn to it. I just want to have that experience of the madness!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Music of the Week

First MOTW 2013. Eek!

1.) The Wanted - Rocket
I'm feeling no limits,
I'm seizing each minute,
Don't wanna, Don't wanna
Just exist.

2.) Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel
This always gets me in a good mood. My favourite song from Michael Jackson.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolution Update

Hello there! So last week I wrote about how one of my New Year's Resolutions was to get a job and you won't believe it but the next day I got a phone call telling me I had an interview Friday. I spent the Thursday freaking out while getting organised for the interview. Thankfully it was a morning interview so I didn't have the day to over think it! Interview went as interviews go. Received the phone call later on that to tell me I was starting Monday!! Eeek!! Excited and nervous all at the same time. So I finished my first day. And I like it so far. As this means I have already completed one resolution I can now look forward to doing a bit of sightseeing/traveling in the not too distance future :) It also means I can get working on my wishlist. Woohoo! Just thought I'd update you on how I'm doing so far in 2013. How are your resolutions going? Or have you thrown in the towel? I never make resolutions to lose weight or get fit because I wouldn't even get past day 1 haha Xx

Friday, January 4, 2013

My 2013 Beauty Wishlist

I felt that I should update my wishlist because I did end up getting my phone fixed. Yeh! It was my dad's Christmas present to me. I am delighted! Back to being an iPhone idiot :D and I also purchased They're Real! which I have been talking about for aaaages! I still have not got my hands on Lady Gaga's Fame however I feel 2013 is the year.

I thought I should treat myself to a Chanel/YSL lipstick when I get a job as a reward to myself :) Flowerbomb is sometime I have craved for years and years. I couldn't decide between the Naked palettes so for now I would like the Smoked and Basics palettes to keep me happy!

1. Lady Gaga - Fame

2. A Chanel/YSL lipstick

3. Urban Decay - Naked Basics

4. Urban Decay - Smoked Palette

5. Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb

I made this wishlist on Beauty Sets, check it out it's nifty. Loads of different designs and you can add whatever products you want. I think it's cute!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Books I Read in 2012

I only read 8 books last year. That is a very poor return. I should take a photo of the stack of books I want to read. Make that stacks! I can't be too hard on myself though because I did somehow convince myself to not read any books, other than college ones, until I was finished college.

The Hunger Games trilogy: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay- Suzanne Collins.
I loved them. I haven't given them away like I usually do with books because I feel like these are books I will read again and again. Much like the Harry Potter books.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lipstick Review: MAC Russian Red

So ladies here it is, my first MAC lipstick! I won this in a giveaway courtesy of Amy at The Camera's Lying. Sorry for all the pictures, I was just so excited!

Any review I have read about Russian Red has been rave and mine is no different!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 2012 and what I hope to achieve in 2013.

I have been reading a lot of comments from people on Facebook and Twitter alike about how horrible 2012 was to them and how 2013 is going to be different. It got to me a little bit that they couldn't say anything good about the year that just passed. I decided to share some highlights of my own.

In the year 2012,
  • I finally finished college and graduated in October.
  • I got to see Lady Gaga for the second time and experience the Born This Way Ball Xx
  • I started a blog. Exciting.
  • I learned what primer is and how to use it :)
  • I saw Nicki Minaj's arse in real life. It is bigger than expected :O
  • I took the plunge and dressed up for Halloween for the first time since I was a child. Brave!
  • I got complimented on my make up for the first time - Thank You bbloggers & vloggers for the help x
  • I met members of my family I hadn't seen in about 20 years. Family reunion x
  • I went from the blonde side to the dark side and I don't regret it one bit.
  • I became part of a (short lived!) book club :)
  • I became an aunt for the 3rd time Xx
  • I said I would lose weight and I stuck with it. Lost 10lbs!
  • I sang in public for the first time since I was 12. Scary but delighted with myself.
  • I made new friends from near and faraway x
  • I bought my first pair of leggings and my first blazer!
  • I regained a lot of confidence I had lost.
  • I became more adventurous with my cooking and I now feel confident enough to cook for others.
  • I also went 6 months without my iPhone and survived. You can do it too!!! :P
  • I found some Irish Beauty Bloggers but last night Lovely Girlie Bits blogged about a whole host more that are new to me so I can't wait to check them out in 2013.
I achieved a lot in the last few months after deciding to not let my anxiety and social anxiety control my life. I hope I can achieve more in 2013. I had some setbacks in 2012 but I will not let them cloud what was really a great year when I look back on it :) Some of my friends left the country for pastures new while I was upset about it, I know it will benefit them greatly and I can't wait until we meet again. It also shows me how great technology is, I am thankful for its advancement all the time between Skype, Viber, Facebook and Twitter it makes staying in touch so easy.

My New Year's Resolution last year was to not let what other people think or what I believed they were thinking about me affect me and my actions in life. I didn't achieve it right away and might have left life pass me by for a while but I eventually kicked myself up the arse and rediscovered my lust for life. I felt for a lot of 2012 I was unable to breathe and I was being suffocated. I had become overwhelmed by the thoughts of getting my college degree and fell into panic mode. Ever since graduating though I have become happier and more assured of myself and all that sense of panic has left me. I left the year 2012 a happier person overall :)

This year my New Year's Resolution is to see a lot more of Ireland and maybe the world. I need to experience life to its fullest. I freaked out when I turned 24 because I thought I was old and had not achieved anything. My cousin spoke to me, without evening knowing I was freaking out, and told me not to worry about anything, he said he was older than me when he finished college and it will work out. I am keeping this in mind also as my second New Year's Resolution is to get my first adult job post college. Terrifying, however I need to be brave and know that I can do it!

Here's to 2013 and the new challenges and goals it presents us with! Xx

What are your New Year's Resolutions? And what are your highlights from 2012?