Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nail Art: Polka Dot Time

Quick nail of the day from me today! I decided to put some polka dots over my Essie Watermelon polish. I recently spoke of my interest in nail art so I thought I should start off easy!

polka dotty :)

I used Barry M Raspberry for the dots. It's a gorgeous deep berry red shade. I picked it up recently after spotting it on my friend's nails. I demanded to know what it was. Problems !!

Barry M Raspberry

What do you think of the effect?? And I just realised that both polishes are named after fruit. Sorry that interested me, I thought it was cool! 

one more photo!

Also, I told you this was a quick post from me today! ;) 

Anymore quick and easy ideas for me try? I've gotten brave now so I'm willing to try something else.


  1. This is fab, love it xx


  2. Awh this is cute, reminds me of strawberries! :)

    Fiona @ www.dolly-dowsie.blogspot.ie


  3. Just bought one of the Barry m white nail art pens so planning on doing a few polka dots myself soon, can't beat a good polka dot! Raspberry is one of my Favourite polishes too, such a lovely colour! :)