Thursday, May 16, 2013

River Island Wishlist and Handbags & Purses Collection

I am obsessed with the handbags and purses River Island have to offer. Currently I possess 3 handbags and 2 purses of theirs, I have probably drooled (not literally of course!) over hundreds of them! I buy them for my friends on their birthdays or Christmas (did I just say that word!) and they are always loved. They have bags of all shapes, sizes and colours. You will find what you desire in this shop.

River Island Purses
My RI purses

I remember getting my first purse from River Island as a Secret Santa present back in 2008. I nearly killed my friend from all the hugging! I had lost my purse a few months before that and I was devastated by it but I managed to sort everything out. Luckily I didn't have much or any money in it - joy of being a student! I still use the purse on a daily basis but boy has it taken a battering as you can see!

I got a second purse from River Island for my 21st, the leather one. It had the real leather smell and all. That's long gone now though :( However I have managed to take much better care of it.

my river island handbag collection
Beautiful Bags

I also received that black handbag for my 21st from other friends. I had originally dreamed of a different one that 2 of them had already gotten for themselves but when they went to get it it was sold out. To be honest I think I love this one way more than I would have loved that one!

A few months later, I was getting my wisdom teeth out and because it was an operation in which I had to have a general anesthetic my mother felt sorry for me and treated me to the leopard print bag. We had been oohing and aahing over it for a few weeks in River Island and then she bought it for me to cheer me up over the operation. Why we have to go through such pain I'll never understand. Giving us teeth we don't have room for. Aaah! Oh I just remembered, my friend who gave me the purse for my 21st, actually couldn't make my party because she had just gotten her wisdom teeth out. That's a bit weird somehow isn't it!!! Ok just me that thinks then.

new river island handbag - satchel
Newest member of my RI gang
And finally last week, I treated myself to this beaut. I haven't bought a handbag since my graduation last October. I'm not counting the clutch I got for the wedding because I don't know when I'll be using that again! This bag is great for everyday use. It's a satchel which seem to be all the rage these days apparently! I just buy whatever I fancy. No good with knowing what the trends are.

This is available from the River Island website here and stores nationwide. It retails for €45.00 and comes in beige, brown and black & white. I have the beige one above.

Here are some of the bags I yearn for from the wondrous River Island at the moment. They're all so gorgeous, when, that's WHEN I win the lotto I'll definitely be buying lots and lots of handbags. I just love them!! I especially love the green one below. Mmmh! Someone fancy buying me a present!? :P


  1. Love the purse and the coral bag (wouldnt say no to any of them) xx

  2. They have some lovely stuff alright!