Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Tangle Teezer

You know when you read so much about something and you think to yourself 'this will never live up to the hype'. This is how I felt about the Tangle Teezer. I am glad to say I was mistaken :)

Don't get me wrong, I knew the Tangle Teezer would be good I just didn't realise how good!

I love mine and can't believe how easy it is to brush my hair now. My hair is thick and long, I have spent years and years battling with my hair (I even had to get it thinned a few times!). I love having long hair and I could never imagine cutting it. I needed a solution.

Off I popped to Boots (where else!) and bought this miracle worker. I was in need of a new hairbrush and thought 'why not!'. I think that's uttered a lot inside the walls of Boots!

What they say:
Tangle Teezer Original professional detangling hairbrush is loved by hairdressers and used in professional hair salons. It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. Hair peace at last!

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My hair has become so much more manageable. I haven't half the knots I used to have. Brushing my hair after a shower or in the morning was such a chore and hassle for me but not any more!

Another massive plus for me with this product is how much less hair I am shedding or having pulled out of my head. The difference when I look at the brush/comb/teeth (???) is astonishing. Using my ordinary brush I used to have to try and de-shed the thing every couple of days. I have serious shedding problems ok! Since using the Tangle Teezer though I don't notice half the hair being pulled from head, it's so gentle! Yet does the job!

I love that it doesn't have a handle because I believe this attributes to the marvelous de-tangling of my mop of hair! I was actually beginning to use my ordinary hair brush like but the teeth are too narrow that it was inevitable I was going to be spending the pennies on a Tangle Teezer. 

I know the Tangle Teezer is a bit pricey, I kinda cringe to myself when I think of how much I spent on it but then again it is something I use everyday. Anything that you use everyday is well worth the price, unless it is actually extortionate!!

My overall verdict? Go out and get yourself one of these bad boys if you have not already done so. They is da business yo!

If you have any of the Tangle Teezers, what are your opinions?


  1. I got the purple glittery one of these about two weeks ago and I love it! Even though my hair is fine and not particularly long I like it better than other hairbrushes because it's more gentle and will hopefully be less damaging x

    1. I saw that purple glittery one recently. I want it! Love purple haha Great to hear from someone with fine hair about the Tangle Teezer too. It's definitely a fantastic product then :) x

  2. I loved my Tangle Teezer, but for the life of me I cannot find it x

    1. Oh no! :( Crossing my fingers you find it soon. I imagine I'd cry if I lost my one! x

  3. I really want to try the tangle teezer xx

    1. As you can see it's got a lot of love for it. Hope you get to try it soon and truly see it's awesomeness! Thanks for stopping by too :) x

  4. Ooooh I'm gonna hAve to give this a whirl! Cause the one side of my hair is dyed it does get more knotty and hurts to brush! Thanks for the tip! X