Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: Model's Own Golden Peach & Snowflakes

Two of the polishes from my recent haul. Golden Peach and Snowflakes from Model's Own. My photos here are of one coat of Golden Peach. It's a peach colour with a golden shimmer, I tried my best to capture the shimmer. I don't know if I managed it atall!I like this colour, it makes my nails look longer. They have been getting shorter and shorter recently due to breakage from work. *sob*

Almost see the golden shimmer here! I was looking for something with a bit of coral and this is what I came away with. Have you any coral recommendations?


I painted Snowflakes over it. Snowflakes is from Model's Own Wonderland Collection. This is my first glitter polish. Yes, my first! It was between this one and Northern Lights. I think Northern Lights is next on list. I do like Snowflakes but it just didn't blow me away like I thought it would. It's a clear polish with flakes of snow I suppose you would say! I'm going to try it out on different colours and comeback with my definite verdict then.

With Snowflakes on top
Golden Peach


                   More photos!! ;)

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