Friday, February 22, 2013

Share The Love: Posts I've Enjoyed.

I hope to make this a regular feature. I posted a few weeks ago here a blog post where you could leave your blog links and others might find them of interest or you would find blogs that interest you. It doesn't seem to have ignited interest in any of you so I have decided to share some posts with you that I have found to be interesting. I got the idea for this from Karen at Lovely Girlie Bits who blogs about her 5 favourite posts from the week. My favourites here could actually be from any time of the year from a blog really!

I love sharing the love and I do retweet blogs and posts on Twitter a good bit. Or I like to think I do anyways! I am going to try and give shout outs. I enjoy interacting with other bloggers about the beauty or non-beauty parts of our lives. I want to connect with others and make friends. That sounds like a load of cheese but it's the truth. Right I am done babbling, I am actually going to blame the painkillers I am on at the moment of writing this for that spiel! :)

Here are the posts I have enjoyed this week. 

I am in love with Real Techniques brushes lately. I'm determined to build my collection. I have plenty of them already as you may have noticed ;) Here is a review from Sara on her blog Pretty In Pink on the Essential Foundation Brush, Mulit-Task Brush and Domed Shadow Brush.
Review: Real Techniques On Location Travel Essentials

Love this post from Amy McJohnson over at Paperbacks + Postcards (great name). How to make your own homemade body scrub. If you are on a spending ban, saving money or are interested in and like making your own body scrubs or makeup like me this is a good place to start.

We all have our methods on how to wash our brushes, yet when it comes to drying them there is still a lot of uncertainty about how to go about it. Here is one really fab and nifty idea from Sarah at princesswatshername

A really easy and yummy recipe from Lauren over at Bell du Brighton. I can never get enough of food. I adore it and since starting my job, I haven't been able to give myself the time to cook up gorgeous meals from scratch. This looks divine and my tummy rumbles for it!

From MilkBubbleTea, run by Becky is a delicious Oreo recipe with peanut butter. Yum yum!! I am going through one of my Oreo obsessions at the moment and this looks deadly. Literally!!
Chocolate muffins stuffed with Oreos and peanut butter


I also found this picture on Facebook of a similar Oreo/peanut butter cup recipe. Eeek!  I wanna try one of these recipes. And then become obese afterwards! They look like a giant heartattack, yet they also look oh so scrummy don't they!?

Let me know what you think of this idea and also please do feel free to share your links below of one of your posts or a post you've enjoyed this week. 


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