Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street

This is one of the Nails Inc polish that came with Glamour all those months ago. Yes I'm a little bit slow but I'm sure you've noticed that ;) This shade is Elizabeth Street. It's a pale pink, reminds me of a Barbie-type pink, or a candy pink. Maybe pastel is the word I am looking for? Anyways, it's a beautiful, soft colour that works great if you are going for the understated look.

Whatever setting my camera is on, it shows up every flaw. I didn't think my nails were that bad, they look grand and smooth to me here. Work is definitely taking it's toll on them. I can see the dry skin on my fingers aswell :(

I have 2 coats on here and they were enough. It applies easily and is not messy. And the more I look at my photos, the more they make the polish look bad. This is not the case though. Damn my camera for being too good for once!!

This is the only Nails Inc polish I possess. They were my most sought after nail polish brand that I needed to have in my collection. I was delighted when Glamour had them free with their magazines. They know what we want ;)

Here's a link for Elizabeth Street from both Nails Inc and Debenhams Ireland.

Have you any recommendations on which ones I should go for next time?x

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