Monday, April 29, 2013

My first Essie polish!!

I finally achieved my goal of owning an Essie nail polish! I was strolling (I love to stroll) through Shaws yesterday and out of the corner of my eye I spied the Essie stand. I turned a very abruptly 90 degrees towards the stand. So abruptly that even another shopper turned to see what had got me so excited. She too spent ages and ages picking out polishes. Sooo many colours and they are all arranged by shade. Heaven!

Yes! It really is Essie!

I restrained myself to one polish. At €9.99 they are not cheap! But oh so lovely! I know they are available to buy from Fragrance Direct for £1.99 but I got caught up in the moment. Like I always do! So after much humming and hawing I eventually decided upon Watermelon.

I only needed one coat and it was opaque (I dislike that word however I couldn't think of anything else). It was sooo easy to apply! It went on smoothly if that makes sense to you!

All my nails look well for once!

I applied this Friday and I meant to apply a top coat but sleep was more important to me :) These photos are taken after me driving, babysitting, shopping, typing. No chipping! Imagine if I did put a top coat on. Too amazing!

And the colour. This is my favourite colour. That's it. I love it loads!! It's so shiny!! I cannot stop staring at my nails :)

'claw' photo!!

What Essie colours do you recommend? And also, I apologise for all the exclamation marks, I just noticed them! ;)


  1. I got 'tart deco' in my latest glossy box, it is a gorgeous summery coral shade
    Kirsty x

    1. I seen that Glossy Box had an Essie polish in their last box. Oooh I love coral. I think everyone does actually! Perfect for, hopefully, the upcoming summer months!x