Monday, March 25, 2013

The Professor is engaged.

Aw, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh on their engagement. She announced it this evening on Twitter, with a link to a photo of the gorgeous ring on Instagram. I'm still annoyed about the Twitter/Instagram fallout by the way.

Professor Green is a rapper and Millie stars (right word?) in Made In Chelsea. I don't watch the show but she doesn't seem like a typical reality star (annoying). You must likely would have heard his song 'Read All About It' which featured Emeli Sande. That song was everywhere in 2011. And just typing that I can't believe that was that long ago!

He proposed to her in her favourite restaurant, in Paris no less! Oh lalala. I'm totally jealous. I have a crush on the oul Professor (real name Stephen Manderson) ;) I guess this means we're not going to happen !! Darn!

Normal reaction I gather :)

The ring is an absolute dazzler. I wish I knew more about rings and diamonds and cuts and the like. All I know is that's what I want (in my dreams) if I ever am lucky to get engaged. It's elegant and I'm loving the 2 bands. I adore the whole design of the ring. Uh wedding fever is in my brain these days!

Look at them nails. Fab!

They are such a cute couple and I have never read any naff or stupid stories about them in the press. God I sound like such a gossiper there! But sometimes you can't avoid hearing stories. I listen to the radio a lot (for my sins!) and DJ's just love the gossip, males especially!

They look all sweet & innocent here!

Here's hoping their future together is bright and filled with much happiness. And also he hurries up with his 3rd album :P

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