Monday, March 25, 2013

Robbie & Adele to collaborate!!!

Apparently, these 2 amazing people are going to record a duet together. I think this will be amazing. Can't wait!

She has previously spoken about singing with Robbie when asked if she would ever do a duet. He was her number one choice.
'If I could do one with anyone - Robbie? Any day.'  
 Indeed! Great taste. I love Robbie and I'll be seeing him for the second ever this June. Eeek!

The rumour mill is suggesting their collab will feature on Rob's (I can call him Rob, we're cool like that !) next swing album. I adored Swing When You're Winning. Mr. Bojangles being my favourite number.

It has been suggested that they will record it later this year. They are both very busy these days due to both of them becoming first time parents last year. Nawh! Fingers crossed that this comes to fruition.


  1. Omg that would be amazing! <3
    Laura x

    1. I hope beyond hope this happens!! Dream collaboration :) x