Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lipstick Review: MAC Russian Red

So ladies here it is, my first MAC lipstick! I won this in a giveaway courtesy of Amy at The Camera's Lying. Sorry for all the pictures, I was just so excited!

Any review I have read about Russian Red has been rave and mine is no different!

So the first thing I noticed is the packaging. I'm sure everyone knows the MAC packaging for a lipstick by now. It's just this was my first time holding one in my hand. It's so sleek and luxurious, you know it's special. I love the sound it makes when you click it closed too.

The second thing I noticed, yes, the smell. I could not stop smelling it from the moment I opened it. I love it. Weird perhaps but I'm sure you understand. Vanilla, yum yum!

Onto the lipstick itself. This is one seriously pigmented lipstick. To be honest I was not expecting it to be so good! I mean I knew it would be good because it is MAC after all but this blew me away.

When applying, I used vaseline first because it is a matte lipstick. This means it's long lasting however it does tend to dry out the lips. I also exfoliated my lips but I usually do this a few times a week after I've brushed my teeth anyway. Keep those lips smooth and in perfect condition ladies! 

Russian Red is almost a true red. It is the red lipstick you have to have. It's a creamy and long lasting lipstick and one that I am delighted to have in my lipstick collection. Which shall be growing because in the last few months I have grown out of my lipgloss only phase. I've even been trying lipstains. I am evolving!

My last red lipstick was from Rimmel - Diva Red and I stupidly lost it. Been meaning to replace it and then I happened to win this so it all worked out for me. Woop! Thanks again to Amy :) x

Girl About Town
Coral Bliss

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Which ones do you recommend I try next?


  1. I've been looking to get this for ages now! It looks like such a lovely shade :) I still don't own a Mac lipstick (and as a beauty blogger I feel this is something that needs to change, haha) Happy New Year by the way :) xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Go get one quick, it's a crime not to have one! haha I can't wait to get my next one already :) Many Happy Returns! Xx