Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TV: Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 2

I must say I felt very let down by the beginning of this episode. I thought that the wedding was left on a cliffhanger from episode 1, where Matthew and Mary were left at the alter.  I spent the aftermath of the episode wondering would one of them change their mind. Flash forward to this week and no sign of the wedding.  No I dos, no confetti outside the church, no first dance, not even a glance at their honeymoon. Oh ITV give us SOMETHING!!
Matthew, Matthew, Matthew, can you please spare us all this 'I broke her heart nonsense'. You didn't and she clearly told you make Mary happy or be happy or something along those lines, on her deathbed. Ok look, I'll admit it, I don't want them to lose the big house because then there is no 'Abbey' in Downton Abbey.
Dame Maggie Smith had, in my opinion, the best line of the episode.
"I'm so sorry, I thought you were a waiter"
Tears escaped my eyes with laughter as her character the Dowager Countess said it to the Earl of Grantham. Oh she delivers her lines so well and even when she doesn't have any lines her face and body language speak volumes at the right times!
Tears again escaped my eyes during this episode, however it was not from laughter. It was from a revelation (I don't know if that's the correct word here) of Edith's.
"Every young man I grew up with is dead"
This reminds us of the effect of the war from the last series, where many young men lost their lives and some left behind families. A reminder of this was also given by cousin Isobel. She helps women who sell themselves (I think that's the way they put) by helping them get out of that life with different employment I think. I don't actually know, I think they should expand on this further because the former housemaid Ethel is involved in this storyline too. Remember the one who had the baby and then ran into the dining room during dinner :(
Thomas v O' Brien. This will not end well for either party involved. Also her nephew (or is he!?) so far appears dull! Apart from his kiss with Martha's maid. Wonder has Daisy taken a fancy to him? She has a thing for footsmen ;) Has she gotten over Thomas or is it all forgotten like her marriage to William. More waterworks from me during that scene aswell. Bless!
Mrs. Hughes' cancer storyline. Are we going to lose Mrs. Hughes? I love her and the scenes with Mrs. Patmore this week were brilliant. More of those please! However, Carson irritates me, although that perhaps is his purpose!
I have probably left out alot for example; Mary and Violet's plan for Downton's survival, Robert's misfortune with the fortune, Edith's upcoming nuptials, Anna and Mr. Bates, Martha's singing oh and the breakdown of the oven! There will as always be more shenanigans and dramas to discuss in episode 3 :)

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