Monday, July 8, 2013

Tan Review: Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

I'm not an avid fake tanner by any means but when I do use it I know what I like. I don't want a smelly, orange tan that takes about 12 hours to develop. Who has that kinda time to prep so far in advance!?

I am the skin tone translucent. I am so pale I am see through!

Cocoa Brown is the brain child of Irish beautician Marissa Carter. I can't thank her enough for bringing this fantabulous tan into life.

The main reason I bought this tan being honest about it is it's an Irish brand. I really want to try more Irish brands and support our own. So that's what first attracted me to this tan. I also couldn't believe it would develop in 1 hour and didn't have that rotten distinctive fake tan smell, pong actually would be the word. What kind of magic hocus pocus was this!?

A tan that develops in 1 hour means two things; no more ruined bed sheets or being caught tanless on those last minute planned nights out.

This gives a gorgeous golden brown colour, the definition of sun kissed in a bottle. A cute pink bottle at that.

1 hour = light tan
2 hours = medium tan
3 hours = dark tan
It can also be left on over night, I haven't tried this myself. I have gone so far as leaving it for an hour and a half. This is the perfect level of tan for me :) It shows up evenly all over the skin. A lot of tans show up way lighter on my legs and chest than the rest of me. But Cocoa Brown doesn't have this problem.

The tan formula is a mousse which has floral/perfumey smell. No gross curry like smell here. Winning!

I'm in love with this tan and I can't say anymore about it's greatness. Apart from it's amazing and you need to go get it!

Cocoa Brown is €7.99. It's available in chemists nationwide and the ever reliable Penney's.

The next product released from the Cocoa Brown brand is the Day & Night tan. Viva Adonis have reviewed this already here. Sounds good!

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